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Support How To: Login to ShareVision
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Procedure Name:
Login to ShareVision
Procedure Description:

Login to ShareVision

To access your ShareVision website you must visit the website then login when prompted. Follow the instructions below to perform these steps.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Type the full web address of your ShareVision website, for example "http://demo.sharevision.ca/", in the Address Bar of the browser
  3. Click the Go button to the right, or hit the Enter key on the keyboard to continue

In order to view the content of your ShareVision website you must now login. Login with the username and password that was created for you by your ShareVision Administrator or your immediate supervisor; if the Domain field shows for your login box, you can ignore it and leave it blank.

Note: If this is the first time visiting, all fields will be empty. If you have logged in before and selected "Save this password in your password list", then both your username and password will be prompted, and the "Save this password in your password list" checkbox will have a check in it. If you have visited before but have not selected to have your password saved, then the Password field will be empty, waiting for your input. In all cases, ensure the User Name and Password fields have your credentials, then click Ok to proceed. Do not check the "Save this password in your password list" box if you share the computer with anyone else!

If your username and password are correct, you will be authenticated by the server and Internet Explorer will then display the top-level homepage of your ShareVision website.

Symptoms/Reasons To Use:
  • You wish to login to your ShareVision website
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Quick Version:
Visit your ShareVision website using Internet Explorer and login by typing your username and password into the dialog box that pops up.
Created at 11/17/2005 4:49 PM by Marty Vermassen
Last modified at 3/1/2007 9:55 AM by Marty Vermassen